Warrior Ritual Catch Glove- Sr

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Warrior's Ritual goalie equipment is being built with influence from Pete Smith. He brings 26 years of experience to the table. This catch glove features a wide palm break for easy puck catching. It features a double T pocket for excellent puck retention. The cuff wedge makes the glove position sit comfortably square to the shooter for full coverage. A segmented backhand pad allows the hand to open and close the catch glove completely without gaps in protection. A three point internal strapping system includes easy access wrist strap, and comfort backhand and finger stall strap. Take a serious look at this serious catch glove. This provides pro level protection, styling, and functionality.
Warrior Ritual Catch Glove
• Wide palm break for easy puck catching
• Double T-pocket
• Cuff Wedge
• Segmented Backhand pad
• Three Point Internal Strapping System
• Comfort backhand and finger stall strap

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Lightweight, safe.
Arrived stained and then strap failed
First, the glove arrived wrapped in plastic so one would assume that when you pay full price for a NEW item you recieve a NEW item. This glove arrived with a fingertip size stain on the back fabrc of the glove. It was faint, as if someone attempted to cle
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