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The B7800 is an all new design for 2012 that features a no binding front blocking surface and incorporates a thicker side profile to add stiffness to the board for improved puck deflection under hard impact loads. The front board section is engineered with a forward angle from the hand position so as to tilt forward to square the blocking surface more to the shooter to give greater net coverage. The bottom edge of the board is beveled to allow the glove to fit tightly to the ice in a paddle down position and reduces weight and improves durability. The top surface of the board features a gradual curved surface to improve puck deflecting angles and also creates added space in the wrist area for increased range of motion. Large side shield gives complete side hand coverage with added layers of High density foam and plastic to further increase protection and stiffness and adds to the overall blocking surface. Wide cuff with two piece articulating design allows for added wrist flexibility. Side hand protection is configured with a smaller opening for the stick to fit with a close tolerance to reduce gaps to prevent pucks from from traveling up the paddle of the stick and impacting the side of the hand. New designed finger protectors featuring floating auxiliary pad over the side index finger with High density foam and plastic insert to increase index finger protection. The padding extends around the tip of the inside edge of the index finger to give more complete coverage. Two piece main finger guards feature foam and plastic layers to add protection and two piece design adds flexibility to improve stick grip. The palm features a pre shaped curved design to match the natural shape of the hand and keeps a smooth surface to improve grip and provide a precise feel and stick control. The hand components are carefully located and attached to the board to evenly balance the weight for a lighter feel and to keep the glove from twisting under high impact loads on the board edges for improved puck deflection. New designed wrist strap encircles the wrist area to give more complete adjustment and allows for more secure fit and glove control. Full pro-spec construction adds durability and protection throughout the glove.
  • New side shield design adds blocking area
  • Wider cuff and hand opening
  • New reinforced dual finger protectors
  • Added side index finger guards
  • Molded high density board insert for lightweight
  • Back hand cushion padding reduces impacts
  • Added Pro-Spec plastic inserts for more protection
  • Tilt forward board design
  • Tapered bottom edge
  • Vented side gussets on palm
  • Articulating cuff design for more flexibility when shooting.

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Good glove!
Nice blocker, easy to grip stick, stick slot helps keep stick in proper position
Vaughn V5 Pro Spec Blocker
After five ice sessions the V5 blocker seems like it's a perfect fit for me. At first like any new blocker it was tough to coordinate with your stick for a poke check or quick stickhandling without grabbing the thumb cuff, but after breaking this in I'v
a bit tight
great blocker, but a bit stiff, making you really use power to hold the stick
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