Sex Wax Stick Wax

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Mr Zogs Sex Wax has been making wax for the surf industry for many years and he now has an advanced formula specifically designed for use on hockey blades.
Mr Zogs Sex Wax offers scented wax for your hockey blade to help prevent snow build-up and improve stick handling, passing and shooting. Comes in an assortment of scents/colors. White-Coconut, Blue-Pineapple, Purple-Grape, and Red-Strawberry. Just rub some of the wax onto your blade and your ready to go.
Sex Wax Stick Wax

• Advanced formula for use with hockey blades
• Helps prevent snow build-up and improves handling, passing, and shooting

Assorted Scents:
• White Coconut
• Blue-Pineapple
• Purple-Grape
• Red-Strawberry

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