REEBOK Premier 4 Pro Leg Pads- Sr '12

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The highly anticipated Premier 4 goal pad closes faster,offering more coverage and has the solid seal needed to win. These pads feature significant upgrades which include an improved knee stack Strapping system, a forward flat calf wrap and a wider Clarino+ comfortable fitting leg channel that helps to close down the 5 hole. Greater angle and net coverage. Premier 4 goal pads give you better performance and more confidence in your game.

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REEBOK P4 Pro Leg Pads

Quick Release
• The open knee cradle allows the pad to drop to the inside to close the 5 hole faster for more coverage

Max Coverage
• Max Coverage uses a new raised inside knee raised with straps running through the injection molded foam for maximum 5 hole coverage and stability

Flex Core
• A new softer boot flex option for goalies wanting more flex at the ankle

Solid Seal
• Forward position calf wrap keeps the inside edge flat and flush to the ice giving a solid seal at the butterfly position

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