REEBOK 7k Pump Roller Hockey Skate- Jr

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REEBOK 7k Pump Roller Hockey Skate- Jr

Reebok knows footwear, and hockey skates are no exception. They have dutifully outfitted the 7k Pump with a variety of features you are sure to love. This skate offers the ultimate performance and comfort tiers with features ranging from the new and improved outsole, tongue, lace-lock, Chassis, and wheels. From top to bottom, Reebok has once again outdone themselves. Grab a pair while supplies last!
Reebok 7K Pump Roller Hockey Skate- Jr

• Offers Ultimate in performance and comfort

• Outsole is constructed using materials to provide a stiff, lightweight boot to maximize energy transfer

• Tongue works with the contours of your foot for comfort and lace-bite protection

• Labeda Gripper Wheels feature a high durometer urethane core creating incredible rebounds and maximum speeds

• Lace Lock allows the player to tighten laces and lock them in place for the duration of their game or practice sessions

• Chassis is powered by Labeda, featuring (4x) 80mm wheels to achieve the fastest position.

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Very smooth and fast out of the box
It's been around 12 yrs. or more since I put on a pair of roller inline skates. I purchased these for recreational/causal use. My previous models were too heavy or never comfortable to wear. After reading the reviews and remembering how my CCM pump inline
Smooth and fast out of the box
Wow! How times have changed. It's been around 10 yrs. or so since I put on inline hockey skates. In the past, they were too heavy or uncomfortable. I wanted to get back into it to stay in shape and get my hockey skills up to par. The Reeboks were light a
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