CCM U+ CL Composite Hockey Stick '09 - Junior

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Introducing the Crazy Light....
The U+ CL stick features a 360 degree inter-laced full carbon woven wrap outside layer, which provides the best durability a stick in this weight category can have. CCM uses ultra-low aerial unidirectional super light carbon fibers in the shaft to reduce the weight to 405 grams. This super light stick offers more feel, better balance, quicker reaction time, faster swing speed, and ultimately, super fast shots resulting in more goals. The U+ sticks are built from the inside out, therefor there is no blade insertion into the shaft. Instead the blade is molded over both sides of the shaft making it a true one-piece stick. The 24" true taper transfers all the energy from your hands directly to the blade and allows for maximum stick load. The blade has 100% pre-preg thin lightweight carbon micro-fibers feathered ply oriented in the blade, in other words, there are multiple layers of high grade carbon placed at different angles in the blade. This results in a lighter blade with the same durability.
  • Blade Construction: Advance Compression Molded
    Foam Core w/ Graphite Bridge
    Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
  • Shaft Construction: Hollow Point System Energy Transfer
  • Special Features: Matt Textured Grip - Provides superior control
  • Weight: 405 grams - Lightest stick on the market

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